Stay safe!

Please see our COVID-19 hygienic concept here.


Stay safe!

Please see our COVID-19 hygienic concept here.

The presale has started!

Save tickets now for the most popular days at Weihnachten im Tierpark.

The presale has started!

Save tickets now for the most popular days at Weihnachten im Tierpark.

Weihnachten im Tierpark – the glittering highlight at Tierpark Berlin

After the great premiere in 2019, “Weihnachten im Tierpark” will reopen its doors again in 2021. At this year’s wintry highlight the Tierpark Berlin will be illuminated for the second time! Millions of lights wrap the largest zoo in Europe as well as the historic Friedrichsfelde Castle in a true starry magic and thus provide an extraordinary and contemplative atmosphere in the east of Berlin. “Weihnachten im Tierpark” is a pleasant alternative to the traditional Christmas markets: no hectic hustle and bustle but an idyllic atmosphere during a walk together through the festively lit park. 

Even more beautiful and impressive than the first year!

 “Weihnachten im Tierpark” will lure visitors to the Tierpark Berlin in winter 2021 with new brilliant illuminations. At dusk, visitors will begin a mysterious walk through the atmospherically illuminated park, passing wonderfully illuminated plant worlds and glowing animal figures. This year, visitors can discover many new highlights, such as the graceful chimes, through which one can walk to enjoy the interplay of light and sound, or the jungle, in which visitors walk through lasers, light and fog and are spectacularly staged themselves. A sparkling festival of light art awaits our guests. If you don’t take out your camera or smartphone to capture those special moments, it’s your own fault. Snapshots can be shared under the following hashtag #weihnachtenimtierpark.

Weihnachten im Tierpark impressions

Photo Contest #iloveweihnachtenimtierpark

Post your best photo of Weihnachten im Tierpark and win a trip for two to Barcelona!

Further information and conditions of participation can be found here.

Current information / Covid-19

“Weihnachten im Tierpark” will once again be a cause for excitement this year and, thanks to an extensive hygiene concept, guarantees a contemplative open-air experience. Please inform yourself about the current hygiene measures before your visit.

All information about our precautions regarding Covid-19 can be found under the following link (Current information about our hygiene concept)

Important information

Opening hours

Weihnachten im Tierpark is open from 17th November 2021 to 9th January 2022, always from 5 pm to 10 pm.

The last admission and start of the tour is at 8:30 pm. Please understand that from 9:45 pm the security service will inform all visitors that the area will be closed soon at 10:00 pm.
On the following days, Weihnachten im Tierpark will be closed for visitors: 22.11./23.11., 29.11/30.11. and on 24th and 31st December 2021.


At the bear window of Tierpark Berlin you will find the entrance of Weihnachten im Tierpark. There is no entrance allowed via the gate at the castle (exit only).

In order to provide you with the safest and most atmospheric experience possible, admission for visitors is limited per 30 minutes. Please appear during the admission time indicated on your ticket and pass the entrance within the half hour indicated on your ticket. 

Admission is limited because we want to make sure that not too many people are in the Tierpark at the same time and that each of our visitors can enjoy a relaxing winter walk. Experience shows that especially the weekends and early evening hours are very popular. We therefore recommend that all those who are flexible should visit during the week from 7:00 pm.

Your safety

Please inform yourself about the current hygiene measures before your visit.

Ticket information

Book your tickets for Weihnachten im Tierpark online. In our online ticket shop you have the possibility to buy Print@home tickets. This allows you to purchase tickets online shortly before the event and bring them with you either on your mobile phone or printed out. 

Personalized Tickets

In order to trace possible chains of infection, we as organizers are obliged to record the names and contact details of our visitors. We use a computer-controlled, personalized ticketing system. In doing so, we comply with the relevant requirements of the authorities as well as the data protection regulations according to the DSGVO. Children’s tickets must also be personalized and must contain all the necessary information. Only a personalized ticket entitles you to enter our event. In addition to your tickets, please also have a photo document (identity card, driver’s license, etc.) available at the entrance.

You want to transfer your ticket to another person? No worries. You can read more about this under the heading Personalized ticketing.

Further tips for your visit

Further helpful information and tips on Weihnachten im Tierpark can be found on the following page (Information and tips for Weihnachten im Tierpark).

We look forward to your visit